Filling Containers Exemplar


What am I learning in math today?


CRCT Warm-up

 What is the distance between A(3, -2) and B(3, 5)?


a. 4 units

b. 5 units

c. 6 units

d. 7 units

Distance formula hover here 






Moving can be a very challenging and exhausting experience. Whether you are moving down the street, across town, or to another country, leaving memories that you have created in a home can be very difficult. When I was younger I moved to many different states due to my dad's job. It was very sad for me to leave my friends, but I always enjoyed meeting new people and experiencing new things in each state. At school, I remember lunch time being intimidating. At one of my high school's they had a rotating schedule, which to me meant that I had to find someone to sit with for lunch for all 7 different classes. I eventually met someone who was new to the area also and already had friends and let me join them for lunch, but it was nerve-racking for the first month. At home, I remember unpacking all the boxes. Maybe it is just me looking at the bright side of things, but it always reminded me of my birthday. A big box with something exciting in it, but I never knew what it was until I unwrapped it.

Have you had to move?

Go to the Student Workroom and tell us something you remember about moving.



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Seek 'n' Find


Have you every looked through a book where it gives you a list of items that you have to find in the picture?

Your house is now the scene and the items you need to find are based on the pictures below. If you can't find an item on the list find something close to it. The pictures are just suggestions, use your creativity to come up with other useful items you have at your house.


What you need to find?


Something to measure with: a ruler, tape measure, measuring tape




A small cube: dice, blocks, seasoning cubes, sugar cubes (1 cm or 1 inch cubes would be easiest, but other items will work)




1 Rectangular Prism & 1 Cylinder: tissue box, Tupperware, peanut butter container, popcorn box




Attribution: measuring items, cubes, containers are own images




Fill Me Up!




Think back to the "Engage" portion of the lesson. When moving, boxes must be filled with items. You will be investigating filling up a rectangular prism and a cylinder.




Using the items you just found around your house, complete the following assignment. You will be taking the rectangular prism first and placing your cubes inside it until it is filled, writing down notes along the way and figuring out how many cubes fit. Then, you will be doing the same with the cylinder to find out how many cubes fit inside it.


Click here to obtain the assignment.


Helpful Vocabulary


Use the seek a word to find some vocabulary terms that you may find beneficial in your writing.




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Cone or a Pyramid


Extend your thinking


How could you fill a cone or a pyramid with cubes?

What might be some problems that you encounter?

How does the shape of each item affect how you are able to fill it up?

Can you think of any item that could be used to fill up a cone or pyramid?


Take these notes and ideas and add a paragraph to the bottom of your paper on how to fill a cone or pyramid.


Attribution: cone image under creative commons 





What do I need to make sure my completed assignment is successfully done?


Do you have complete sentences?

What concept do you think today's lesson was about?

Did you include any generalizations or background knowledge that you were able to use?

Can you add anymore detail to your writing?

If you read your paper to a 5 year old, would they be able to understand what you did?




Submit your completed assignment to the Filling Containers Dropbox.